Open Grains Ring - PANDORA SHINE™ * RETIRED *

A stylish interpretation of nature, this open-ended ring in PANDORA Shine™ features plaits curving. The 18k gold-plated sterling silver design presents the beauty of wheatfields in a contemporary way.

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How do I choose the correct Ring Size?

Print the ring sizer here

1. After printing, cut out the Ring Sizer

2. Cut a slot in the sizer along the dotted line

3. Roll the Ring Sizer into a circle with the numbers facing outward

4. Insert the end of the Sizer through the slot you just cut

5. Place the Ring Sizer around your finger and pull the tab through the slot until the paper is snug around your finger

6. Your ring size will be appear as the last size through the slot


More Details

Stylish Open Ended Ring with Grain Stalks signifying life, abundance and productivity, PANDORA Shine™

Additional Information

Manufacturer PANDORA
Retired Yes
Material PANDORA Shine
Release Date Autumn 2018
Collection PANDORA Shine


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