What is Pandora?

What do I need to get started?

To begin, first select the style of bracelet you would like. You find our sizing suggestions here.

Pandora Bracelet [ view all ]

Sterling Silver Clasp Bracelet

Sterling Silver w/Gold Clasp Bracelet

14k Gold Bracelet

Add Pandora Charms [ view all ]

Select charms from hundreds of styles. We've created categories to help find the charms that would mean the most to you.

Silver & Gold Charms

Sterling Silver Charms

Murano Glass

14k Gold Charms

Charms with Stones


Need Suggestions or Ideas?

You can choose individual charms or browse the creative gift set combinations we have designed for you. Our suggestions will also give you ideas when making gift selections. Whatever gift you decide, it will be the right one when you give it from the heart.

Clips & Safety Chains

Clips and Safety Chains each have their place and beauty on a bracelet. Add two clips to keep charms balanced on bracelet. While functional in keeping charms in place and covering the threaded areas of the bracelet, clips are also beautiful in design. Two different designs or two of the same may be selected. A safety chain covers the threaded areas on the ends of the bracelet; it also eases the putting on and taking of the bracelet by keeping it connected. Both enhance the bracelet with their unique styles and designs.

Pandora Clips

Safety Chains


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