Mall of America Curbside Pickup

PANDORA Curbside pickup

How to Place a Curbside Order

Below are the steps to utilize our curbside pickup option at the Mall of America:


  •     1) Browse our website at and add all of the items you are interested in to your WISHLIST (you will need to log in or create an account to save a Wishlist).

  •     2) Go to Your Account page to access your Wishlist.

  •     3) View your Wishlist and add any comments to the items on your list, including specific size you need for rings / bracelets or items that you would like multiple quantities of.

  •     4) Click on the Share Wishlist button at the bottom of your Wishlist

  •     5) In the Email Address box, enter our email address:

  •     6) In the Comments box, enter your First & Last Name, Billing Address, Email Address and Phone Number. We will use this phone number to contact you regarding your order.


  •     1) After receiving your Wishlist, we will confirm availability of the items on your order and prepare your order.

  •     2) We will call you to confirm your order and take your payment information over the phone to process.

  •     3) Upon successful processing of the order, you will provide a date / time you would like to pick up your order.


  •     1) Make your way to the Mall of America and drive to Level 1 of the East Parking Ramp.

  •     2) Park in a designated parking space and call the store at (952) 252-1495.

  •     3) Provide us with your Name, Parking Spot Number and Vehicle Description.

  •     4) Your order will be safely delivered directly to your vehicle!