The Bracelet that Binds: Mother & Daughter Honor Memories, Family Unity With PANDORA

The Bracelet that Binds: Mother & Daughter Honor Memories, Family Unity With PANDORA

Mothers and daughters share an unbreakable bond that can’t always be described in mere words.

But for Rona Villamora-Falls and her 4-year-old daughter, Lizzy, one way they’ve been able to express their bond, as well as honor important memories, is through sharing a passion that can last for a lifetime: PANDORA charm bracelets.

Rona, who is one of our #BeCharming winners, recently shared with us how she and her daughter used PANDORA bracelets to tell the stories of their lives together. One such story, centers around Rona’s recent wedding.

A Charming Wedding Memory

At the rehearsal the day before Rona’s wedding, she was preparing little Lizzy to walk down the aisle, which would be held in an outdoor garden. As 4-year-olds often are, Lizzy was easily distracted. So to get her attention back on the task at hand, Rona informed her the wedding would be in a garden, which prompted Lizzy to ask—and keep asking—if there would be bunnies in the garden.

Wanting to finish with the rehearsal, Rona said absently, “Yes, there will be bunnies.”

Once the family arrived home after the wedding, the first thing Lizzy said, as she put her hand on her hips, “Mommy! There were no  bunnies at the party!”

A few months later, PANDORA released their Spring collection of Special Day Charms, which included a bunny charm. To honor that special memory, and Lizzy’s love for bunnies, both mother and daughter added it to their PANDORA jewelry. Rona added the charm to her wedding bracelet and Lizzy added it to her leather bracelet, which she often wears as a necklace.

Pandora Charm Bracelets


A Charming Bond

Rona and Lizzy have continued to grow their respective PANDORA collections, going shopping together whenever new collections are released.

On their shopping excursions, Lizzy likes to choose her own, either a favorite of the moment or a special charm that means something to her. Currently, her favorite is a Turtle Charm, as she’s a big fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And because Lizzy reading skills are improving this year, she has been getting the letter blocks that spell her name.

Little girl with Pandora charm bracelet


Rona says the shared interest in PANDORA, especially at a young age, has been amazing. She treasures these moments, bonding and giggling over the adorable charms they pick out to wear for the day and enjoying so much fun.

To see more ideas for creating a special mother-child bond with a PANDORA bracelet, check out our post 15 PANDORA Charm Bracelet Ideas for Kids.

Do you have a story of sharing a PANDORA passion with someone special in your life? Comment below or tag #BeCharming on social media.


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