Bring Disney’s Magic to Your Christmas with These 20 Perfect Charms

Bring Disney’s Magic to Your Christmas with These 20 Perfect Charms

Love Disney? Bring Cinderella, Elsa, Snow White, Tinkerbell and all of your favorite Disney characters to your wrist this Christmas. Here are 20 of our favorite PANDORA Disney charms that will definitely bring extra sparkle to the holiday.

The Newest Disney Releases

These new designs elegantly reflect the beloved spirit of Disney. New to the Disney collection this season, don’t miss out on these beautiful charms.

1. Disney Mickey Pearlescent Silhouettes Charm
pearlescent mickey silhouettes charmWant to subtly reveal your adoration of all things Disney? The Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm is the perfect solution with 11 white mother-of-Pearl Mickey silhouettes thoughtfully set in sterling silver. It’s an understated tribute to this Disney icon.

2. Disney Mickey & Minnie Love Charm
Mickey & Minnie Love CharmHonor love that never ends with the Mickey & Minnie Love Charm. Polished sterling silver is set with Minnie and Mickey black enamel silhouettes, 64 glistening cubic zirconia and exquisite cut-out heart details.

3. Disney Mickey & Minnie Sparkling Icons – Limited Edition

Designed to look spectacular from every angle, the limited edition Disney Mickey & Minnie Sparkling Icons Charm is a stylish, dual-sided, sterling silver charm catches the light and your eyes with its sparkle. A Minnie silhouette shimmers on one side, and Mickey shines from the other.

disney minnie sparkling icons charm disney mickey sparkling icons charm

A Few Frozen Favorites

Frozen fans, we guarantee you’re going to think these charms are the coolest.

4. Elsa’s Crown Charm
disney elsa's crown charmThe Disney Elsa’s Crown Charm is inspired by the stunning crown worn by Queen Elsa at her coronation ceremony. This sophisticated charm symbolizes power, royalty and protection. Meticulously rendered sterling silver is contrasted by two ice-blue cubic zirconia.
5. Frozen Snowflake Pendant Charm
disney frozen snowflake pendant charmDelicate and glittering, just like the perfect snowflake, the Disney Frozen Snowflake Pendant Charm is eye-catching on bracelets and necklaces alike.
6. Let It Go Frozen Charm
disney let it go frozen charmEvery time you glance and the Disney Let It Go Frozen Charm, featuring an intricate heart design, the now-classic movie theme song will remind you to stay optimistic and embrace life.

Show Your Disney Colors

Display your love for your favorite Disney princess by wearing her signature color; our charms make it easy and fun. The mesmerizing beauty of each princess is encapsulated in the brilliant, vivid hues, which remain radiant, even in the dark.

disney elsas signature color charm disney-belles-signature-color-charm disney-annas-signature-color-charm
disney-snow-whites-signature-color-charm disney-jasmines-signature-color-charm disney-rapunzels-signature-color-charm
disney-tinker-bells-signature-color-charm disney-ariels-signature-color-charm disney-auroras-signature-color-charm

Top row from left to right: Disney Elsa’s Signature Color Charm, Disney Belle’s Signature Color Charm, Disney Anna’s Signature Color Charm

Middle row from left to right: Disney Snow White’s Signature Color Charm, Disney Jasmine’s Signature Color Charm, Disney Rapunzel’s Signature Color Charm

Bottom row from left to right: Disney Tinker Bell’s Signature Color Charm, Disney Ariel’s Signature Color Charm, Disney Aurora’s Signature Color Charm

Honoring a Classic: Cinderella

The classic story of love and beauty triumphing over adversity is beautifully represented in these exquisite charms.

16. Disney Cinderella’s Wish Charm

disney-cinderellas-wish-charmThe intricate design of the Disney Cinderella’s Wish Charm beautifully symbolizes the timeless love story. This charm will be a stunning addition to any bracelet with 63 white and blue cubic zirconia set in sterling silver.

17. Disney Cinderella’s Dress Charm

disney-cinderellas-dress-charmInspired by the lovely ball gown gifted to Cinderella by her fairy godmother for the Royal Ball, the delightful Disney Cinderella’s Dress Charm features azure and blue enamel in sterling silver with “Cinderella” engraved on the bail.

18. Disney Cinderella Sparkling Slipper Charm

disney-cinderella-sparkling-slipper-charmThe Disney Cinderella Sparkling Slipper Charm honors the legendary glass slipper she hurriedly left behind at the ball. This pretty silver dangle charm is embellished with 59 pave-set fancy light blue cubic zirconia.

Wintery Feel

Shimmering snowscapes, glimmering icicles, and long nights of crystal-clear starlit skies make winter special, and these charms are the perfect representation of this natural beauty.

19. Disney Mickey’s Sparkling Snowflake Charm

disney-mickeys-sparkling-snowflake-charmLook closely. Centered in this sparkling sterling-silver snowflake is silhouette of Mickey Mouse in fancy light blue cubic zirconia.

20. Disney Frozen Snowflakes Charm

disney-frozen-snowflakes-charmAs ethereal as a real snowflake, the Disney Frozen Snowflakes Charm features openwork sterling silver with four bezel-set pentagon-shaped cubic zirconia.

This is a mere sampling of the hundreds of charms that can help you create jewelry that uniquely reflects everything you love about Disney and beyond. Every glance in the mirror or to your wrist will remind you that life can be magical, and isn’t that just a wonderful gift? Inspire yourself by checking out our just-released BeCharming PANDORA Holiday Gift Guide.

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