10 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate and Delight Her on National Mother-In-Law Day

10 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate and Delight Her on National Mother-In-Law Day

The relationship with a mother-in-law can range from joyful to contentious and everything in between. But this special woman certainly deserves to be celebrated. After all, your spouse would not be the person you love without her.

The fourth Sunday in October each year is set aside to recognize mothers-in-laws. This year the special day falls on Oct. 23. Why not use this as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with a special gesture? Here are 10 creative and thoughtful ideas for honoring her on National Mother-in-Law Day.

1. Indulge her hobbies.

What does she like to do in her spare time? Knitting, gardening, rescuing cats? Gift her with what she would love to have, but would never consider buying herself, like luxurious yarn, a stunning garden ornament, or whimsical cat furniture.

2. Send flowers.

Nothing delights like a surprise bouquet of fresh, beautiful and fragrant flowers. Consider choosing a flower type that has a special meaning. Geraniums, for instance, signify true friendship and pink roses indicate grace, gentleness and happiness.

3. Make her dinner for days.

Is your mother-in-law constantly on the go? Set her up with some of her favorite dinners that can be stored in her freezer. When she doesn’t have time to cook, she can just drop the deliciousness into a crockpot. Get some inspiration from the pins below.

4. Give her quality time with her children and grandchildren.

Time is the most precious gift anyone can give or receive. Come up with something for you to do together that focuses on your mother-in-law’s favorite pastimes. This could include window shopping, visiting art galleries, going to the park, or a game night. Plan every detail so all she needs to do is show up and have fun!

5. Create a book or calendar in her honor.

Collect photos of her with her children and grandchildren, then publish them in her own customized book or wall calendar using a digital photo site such as Shutterfly or Vista Print. Include a dedication about how thankful you are to have her in your life.
Create a book or calendar in your mother in law's honor

6. Put your appreciation in writing.

Don’t underestimate the power of gratitude and the joy of getting snail mail. Tell her how much she means to you in a handwritten letter.

7. Pamper her with a spa day.

If your mother-in-law is so busy helping everyone else, but never takes time out of herself, a day of massages, facials and pedicures is the ultimate gift.

8. Deal her a deck a gift cards.

Where does she love to get coffee? Buy groceries? Shop for clothes? Get gift cards from each establishment and send them with a card expressing how much she means to you.

9. Celebrate her year-round.

Buy her a subscription box and she’ll be sent a package full of fun every month. For example, My Subscription Addiction features boxes that contain everything from the latest craft supplies to gourmet goodies to beauty products to clothing.

My Subscription Addiction

10. Create a cherished keepsake.

A PANDORA bracelet is a beautiful and stylish expression of all the ways your family loves and appreciates her. Every time she wears it (and we’re sure that will be often) a mere glance to her wrist will remind her of how very grateful you are to have her in your lives. Need some charm inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites:

Love and Family CharmBeloved Mother CharmPrecious Mother Gift Set

Grandmother CharmNostalgic Roses CharmFamily Forever Charm

Top row, left to right: Love & Family Charm ($45), Beloved Mother Charm ($55), Precious Mother Gift Set ($155)

Bottom row, left to right: Grandmother Charm ($40), Nostalgic Roses Charm ($45), Family Forever Charm ($75)

Browse the entire collection of PANDORA charms.

Remember, when Mom is happy, everyone is happy. So National Mother-in-Law Day comes with an unexpected reward: By taking this opportunity to show her appreciation and build a stronger relationship, you build a stronger relationship with your spouse as well. It’s good for everyone to show love and appreciation.

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